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Automation Tester


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Automation Tester ( Amdocs Application)

We are looking for Automation Tester experts who is responsible in working with the application and technical architecture teams to plan one or more of the following: unit, assembly, application product, integration product, performance, user acceptance, operational acceptance, and technical architecture tests.


  • Determine all testing environment requirements and tools.
  • Review the development process to ensure that defect tracking (identification, fixing, re-testing and migration of defects) is properly addressed. If not, define the defect tracking process and incorporate it into the overall development process.
  • Work with the deployment lead to plan the application pilot.
  • Manage testers’ work throughout test preparation and test execution to ensure that testing is on time and within budget.
  • Allocate test resources to application tests in a multi-test environment.
  • Ensure that all testing results are easily accessible (e.g., stored in a commonly-accessible LAN directory) and understandable.
  • Measure and monitor progress during each test to ensure that the application is tested, validated, and piloted on time and within budget, and that it meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Ensure that the team follows the testing standards, guidelines, and methodology as specified in the testing approach.
  • Review test, validation, and pilot results to ensure that they meet the entry and exit criteria.  
  • Participate in quality management reviews as outlined in Verification and Validation Overview to ensure adherence to all quality management plans and standards.


Full Time




Manager to Senior Manager


Shifting Schedule


Metro Manila


  • Ability to develop and manage all aspects of the testing effort, including plans, interdependencies, schedule, budget, tools, and required personnel
  • Ability to document and communicate the status of testing progress against plans, taking corrective action as necessary
  • Ability to define, implement, and maintain project process guidance related to testing
  • Ability to provide technical leadership to project resources and the client to meet testing deadlines and objectives
  • Ability to consult with and develop technical resources for methods, procedures, and standards to use during testing
  • Ability to review project deliverables for completeness, quality, and compliance with established project standards

In addition, the candidate should have end-to-end functional knowledge of the Amdocs telco application. The following modules are in-scope:

  • AAM - Activation Manager (Tier 1)
  • ACC - Amdocs Compact Convergence
  • ASRM - Amdocs Subscriber Resource Management
  • APRM - Amdocs Partner Relationship Management
  • AM - Amdocs Mediation Billing (Tier 1)
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management (Tier 2)
  • OMS - Order Management System (Tier1)
  • TC - Turbo Charging (Rating Platform)
  • VM - Voucher Management

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